Do I Need Therapy and Counselling?

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Why Therapy?

If you have not had therapy or Counselling before you may have expressed something like the following statements

“Therapy is not for me. I was brought up to solve my own problems”

 “I couldn’t go and speak to a stranger about how I feel” 

“I don’t want people thinking I can’t look after myself, and them thinking I’m weak and not capable” 

“What tell a complete stranger my problems”

How are those problems going for you? Are those problems still there? Carl Jung said

“What you resist persists”

The Myth of Therapy

The myth with having counselling and therapy is that it makes you weak or appear weak. This is a myth. Talking about problems and trying to further understand your problems and deal with them shows not weakness, but strength. You want to be better equipped at what life throws at you, a better version of yourself.  If a car seizes to function properly or needs a tune up, we go to a mechanic. If we want to get in shape, we eat well and exercise. Why would we not want to improve our mental health. Why would we not want help to take control of what we think and feel, when what we think and feel becomes overwhelming, painful, and disturbing. Do we want to be haunted forever by negative thoughts, or an underlying sense of shame of any mental anguish for that matter? With such questions may be therapy will be the answer to your own self discovery and growth.

My Therapy

Welcome and thank you for coming to Gray’s Therapy.  As an Integrative therapist I incorporate various approaches of therapy, from Person Centred Therapy, Existential Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic therapy. I am keen to explore what issues you bring to me and work with you to find the best possible outcome. I will provide you with a protected non-judgemental space, to navigate the difficulties you are encountering and will work with you at your own pace, depending on your needs. I believe that therapy is a way to firstly, overcome difficulties and navigate past or present events, but to also to grow into a better version of you.

In my field I work with Anxiety, Depression, Child Abuse, Stress, Bereavement and relationships (Individual). I have twenty years’ experience helping people through conflict management, whether domestic and/or sexual abuse. I have worked with survivors of all forms of child abuse, from single abuse cases to institutional abuse, helping them to rebuild their fractured lives.

Depressed Man During Counseling